Moving Tips

You need to keep few things in mind before you move

Make a list

Its better that you make a list of all the things you need to do and the list of things you need to pack. Labeling every carton individually will help you in locating a specific item.

Hire a professional removal company

Hiring a professional company will burden down half of your stress. You need to tell them you’re moving date, time, and services needed, number of men you require and the size of the vehicle. Professional companies take full responsibility of taking care of all your belongings and shifting them in a very secure and protective manner.

Collect Carton

You will be needed a huge set of cartons and most likely you have never imagined. Try to use the cartons of the removal company you are hiring, it will be helpful in packing your items.

Label the furniture

It’s better that you label the parts of the furniture or you can take a picture of it, just to make sure that when you assemble them together you know where exactly the parts fits in.

Label the curtain hooks

Labeling the hooks and nails of the curtains are very important. It’s better to put them in some plastic bags because they are very tiny and can easy get lost. Losing them will result in heavy loss.

Pack an emergency bag

Make sure that you pack an emergency bag which contains all the important stuff you will need in your everyday use e.g. mobile chargers, documents, keys, toiletries etc

White goods

Don’t forget to defrost your refrigerator one day before your move.

Redirect mail

Make sure that you redirect all your mails, a lot of people forget to do this but redirecting them will be very useful in near future.

Once you have shifted, you need to take care of few things also

Meter reading

You need to take the meter readings if you’re previous house and your new house.

Check your new house 

Check all the items, fittings, paints properly done or not, electric wiring, plumbing etc. make sure that all your stuff is done properly and if anything missing then you need to complain the state agent immediately. You need to take your deposit back if you find anything not up to the mark.

Plan rooms for unpacking

Make plan that which room needs to be unpack first. It’s really difficult to start unpacking things as it’s a big hurdle when you don’t know where to start from.

Meet the neighbors

Its better that you meet all your neighbors and do a little bit of chit chat with them.

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