Man and Van Tooting

Spider man and van now introduces a new service right here in Tooting , south of London which allows all those tired people shifting to a new home, to relax while we do all the heavy lifting for them. All you have to do is call us or book in advance and we are there at your place to help you make your life more easy. Our man and van Tooting service includes packing, unpacking, shifting, transporting and storing all your belongings and furniture according to your requirements.

removal packing services in Tooting

To fold and pack your clothes for a trip is not a very bad job, but when you have to do it with all your belongings including your kitchen appliances and decoration pieces it can be very tiring. Well by hiring us, all you have to do is supervise while we pack away everything neatly in boxes, labelling them so man and van Tooting know which part of the house it belongs to and nothing gets lost. Your presence is not required during this process but since people don’t feel comfortable letting random people handle their personal belongings you can be there but let us assure you our team is highly professional and can easily handle your things.

Our company is also hired for the clearance of offices or when an office is shifted to a new building. We take extra care in filing and clearing your papers so none of the important documents are lost or misplaced during the transfer. All the office furniture is easily transported without any harm or dent coming to them.

House removals man and van tooting

While packing is hard work, unpacking is as much as a nuisance. Well where we help you pack your belongings, we also help you unpack them and place them in your desired positions so every thing is of your choice. Your new couch, bed or child’s swing is all set up according to your liking by our team while you sit and supervise us. Our team is more than capable to handle the heavy furniture and carry them to your new house, so don’t worry if your piano cant be shifted. It will be there in your new apartment where you like.

We here at Spider man and van Tooting have a number of vans which can carry all types of furniture. So if you have a huge house or a single bedroom apartment we can easily transport your furniture and deliver them right to your new doorstep. It is same for those who are traveling aboard and will be back in a few months or years, our Removals Tooting south London provide your storage units for keeping your furniture and boxes. These are secured and safe so no harm comes to them until you come back or want to later transport them.

Booking and Payment

On our official website it is very easy to book us in advance when ever you require our assistance and we provide you with a given time. Our rates are hourly and quite cheap so every customer can easily afford them. So those who live alone and cant carry the heavy load, call us now.

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